SHEBOYGAN — Sheboygan County Sheriff Cory Roeseler and District Attorney Joel Urmanski have announced that they are endorsing Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney in his bid to be the next Attorney General.
“Sheboygan County needs Eric Toney to be elected as our next AG,” Roeseler said.  “He’s a tough-on-crime prosecutor, and Toney has the experience we need to restore law-and-order to our state.”


Urmanski said that Toney is best for the job among all of the candidates. “Eric is a front line prosecutor who has seen our streets get more violent under Attorney General Josh Kaul’s failed liberal leadership,” Urmanski said.  “We need a leader who will fight crime first, and that’s Eric Toney.”


Toney said he’s honored and humbled to have earned the support of Roeseler and Urmanski,


“Sheriff Roeseler and District Attorney Urmanski are leaders in our efforts to crack down on violent crimes in our community and he has seen first hand the dangers of Milwaukee crime creeping into our neighborhoods,” Toney said.


  • “In Sheboygan County, we’re a short drive from Milwaukee, and the city’s violent crimes have had a terrible impact on our community and it’s dragging down our entire state,” Roeseler said.


  • “Eric Toney has front line experience in the courtroom prosecuting violent criminals in Wisconsin. And, that sets him apart,” said Urmanski.


Toney said that Roeseler and Urmanski have been fighting the good fight to keep Sheboygan County safe, while Attorney General Josh Kaul has sat on the sidelines as our cities burned last year and the crime lab has failed to support prosecutors going to trial.


Milwaukee has seen an escalation of homicides from 2019 to 2021 that is very scary and it’s creeping into smaller communities like Sheboygan. Urmanski said that Toney will follow in the model of Brad Schimel and put fighting crime at the top of his list to keep our streets safe.


More than 60 sheriffs, district attorneys and police chiefs have endorsed Toney’s campaign. He has the endorsement of the Wisconsin Fraternal Order of Police.


Toney said: “When I announced my candidacy for attorney general, I pledged to restore law and order, prosecute crime and defend Wisconsin’s election laws.  Now, more than ever, it’s time to send a prosecutor — not a politician — to be our next ‘Top Cop.’

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