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LA Times Exposes WI Homicide Crisis Kaul Ignores

[Fond du Lac, WI…]  At a time when Milwaukee is making national headlines for its homicide epidemic, Attorney General Josh Kaul is ignoring the historic violence and is busy playing politics over the DNR Board and a Mississippi abortion case.

“People are being murdered in the streets and parents are afraid to let their children play in Milwaukee parks for fear of stray bullets. Josh Kaul’s solution is leave public safety positions unfilled, reduce the effectiveness of the crime labs, file a frivolous lawsuit over who can serve on a state board, and challenging the constitutionality of a Mississippi abortion law,” said Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney.  The LA Times on Sunday revealed that Milwaukee is tragically becoming one of the nation’s murder capitals.

“Josh Kaul must fill the prosecutor and investigator positions he’s left vacant, and improve the efficiency of state crime labs so local law enforcement can solve violent crime cases and take dangerous criminals off our streets,” Toney said. “We have a homicide epidemic, but Kaul’s is too busy playing politics to notice.”

A Dane County Circuit Court judge on Friday dismissed an attempt by the Wisconsin Attorney General to remove the Natural Resources Board Chair who has yet to be replaced after his term expired in May.  Judge Valerie Bailey-Rihn dismissed the suit against Frederick Prehn, citing a 1964 state Supreme Court decision that allows for board members to “hold over” past the expiration of their term and the lack of substantive changes to the law since 1964.

“I issued a statement critical of Kaul’s DNR litigation, and the Dane County judge agreed with me,” Toney said.  “Kaul is wrong on the law and his priorities are misplaced. Fighting crime needs to be his top priority.”

Later last week, Kaul announced he was joining an 18-state coalition to overturn Mississippi’s abortion laws. A federal district court judge struck down the law, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit affirmed the district court’s ruling, and the US Supreme Court will hear arguments on December 1, 2021.

“Not only is Josh Kaul ignoring our kids being murdered in the streets of Milwaukee and other cities but he’s failing to protect unborn children” Toney said. “It’s time to fight crime and protect life.”

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