June 3, 2021
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Waukesha County DA Susan Opper Endorses Toney for AG
Toney Has Tough-on-Crime Credentials Wisconsin Needs
[WAUKESHA, WI…] Waukesha County District Attorney Susan Opper announced she is supporting Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney in the race to be the state’s next attorney general.

“Eric has strong credentials as a front-line prosecutor who is tough on crime and has a track record of fairness and commitment cleaning up the streets in Fond du Lac County,” said Opper.  “He also knows that the entire state is at-risk because of the explosion of violent crimes in the city of Milwaukee that is creeping across the state.  We see it in Waukesha County every day. Eric Toney will fight to put an end to Milwaukee violent crime.”

Toney said he appreciates the support from the GOP prosecutor in one of the state’s largest Republican counties.

“Susan Opper is a leader among GOP prosecutors in our state and has been helping keep Waukesha safe for more than 25 years,” Toney said.

Opper was appointed Waukesha County DA by Gov. Scott Walker in 2015 after she had served in the DA’s office for 23 years.  Former Attorney General Brad Schimel, who had been the DA in Waukesha, and former Waukesha County DA Paul Bucher, both urged Walker to promote Opper to DA.

“Eric Toney will follow in the model of Brad Schimel and put fighting crime at the top of his list to keep our streets safe,” Opper said.  “Eric Toney has the experience we need to protect our families.”

Opper is part of a long list of district attorneys, sheriffs, and police chiefs of police who have endorsed Toney from around the state.  In addition, the Wisconsin State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Toney.  The WI FOP is made up of more than 2,300 members in 20 lodges throughout the state.  Milwaukee Police Alfonso Morales appeared at a Toney campaign event in Fond du Lac.

“We have strong support from the cops on the streets and prosecutors in the courtrooms,” said Toney, whose father was a police officer.  “As the son of a cop, I am humbled and honored to have earned their support.”

Visit www.erictoney.com to view the list of endorsements Toney has received thus far.


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