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– Today, Congressman Scott Fitzgerald (WI-05) introduced an amendment to H.R. 842, a bill that would prioritize the special interests of union bosses and diminish the rights of workers and employers. Congressman Fitzgerald’s amendment would empower workers by requiring labor unions to receive written consent from an employee before using union dues or fees collected for non-collective bargaining activities.

Congressman Fitzgerald spoke in support of his amendment on the House floor.


Congressman Fitzgerald’s remarks prepared for delivery:

“Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support of my amendment to H.R. 842. 

“This amendment would prohibit labor organizations from using union dues or fees collected from workers for non-collective bargaining purposes without the written consent of the employee. 

“No employee should be forced to subsidize political positions they disagree with as a cost of their employment.

“According to The Center for Union Facts, “43 percent of union households voted Republican, yet 86 percent of union political support went to Democratic candidates” in the 2016 election.

“Clearly, there is a strong difference of opinion between union bosses and union members on the best pathway forward, but union bosses continue to spend their members’ money with little accountability.

“Workers across Wisconsin, and the country, pay annual union dues to labor organizations in exchange for representation, not to line the pockets of politicians whose political positions do not represent their views.

“This amendment would stop unions from sending workers’ hard-earned money into a blackhole and ensure that the voices of workers are being heard.

“I urge my colleagues to vote yes on this amendment. Employees nationwide deserve to have a say in how their money is spent.

“I yield back.”

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