WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Scott Fitzgerald (WI-05) joined his Republican Study Committee colleagues and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at a press conference to unveil the Maximum Pressure Act, legislation that would reimpose a series of Trump Administration proposals and sanctions to counter escalating threats from Iran. Congressman Fitzgerald made the following statement after the press conference:

This legislation is an important first step in reasserting Congressional authority over negotiations with Iran during a time where we see the current administration making needless concessions to bring Iran back to the negotiating table,” said Congressman Fitzgerald. “The United States must take a firm stance against the Iran regime’s continued pursuit of a nuclear weapons program and their funding of terrorism. We made our demands loud and clear today, I look forward to working with my colleagues closely on this priority.”

The Maximum Pressure Act would accomplish three things:

  • Empowers Congress to ensure a successful, long-term Iran strategy by stopping the Biden administration from re-entering the Iran Deal and providing unprecedented congressional review.
  • Codifies the Trump administration’s maximum pressure campaign, which is a proven successful strategy.
  • Expands Iran sanctions, making it the toughest sanctions package ever introduced in Congress on Iran.

Please find the bill text here. Find a line-by-line summary provided by the Republican Study Committee here.

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