WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Scott Fitzgerald’s (WI-05) bill, H.R. 3239, passed in the U.S. House of Representatives by a bipartisan vote. This is Congressman Fitzgerald’s first stand-alone bill to receive floor consideration and pass in the House of Representatives.

After passage of the bill, Congressman Fitzgerald made the following statement:

“My bill would clean up certain portions of United States Code in order to make laws easier to read and interpret, and would also have the significant benefit of preventing frivolous lawsuits that may arise when the wording of statutory language is unclear, thereby saving taxpayer dollars. I’m proud of the overwhelming support my bill has received, and I look forward to seeing H.R. 3239 receive consideration in the U.S. Senate.”


Congressman Fitzgerald’s legislation would make technical corrections to title 41 of the United States Code, ensuring that statute is made more clear, easier to read, and is consistent with the original intent of Congress. Technical corrections also have the benefit of preventing lawsuits that may arise from confusingly worded or constructed portions of United States Code.

Read the full bill text here.

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