Contact: Kelli Liegel, 202-225-5101

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Scott Fitzgerald (WI-05) made the following statement regarding President Biden’s Joint Address to Congress:

“Unsurprisingly, President Biden’s speech tonight amounted to a full out attack on our Constitution. The President urged the Senate to send H.R. 1 to his desk; this bill would step directly on the First Amendment. The President championed his Executive Orders as they relate to guns; these Executive Orders punish law abiding gun owners and their constitutional protection under the Second Amendment,” Congressman Fitzgerald said. “One accomplishment President Biden failed to mention in his address was his decision on day one, just hours after he was sworn into office, to cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline project, crushing thousands of good paying jobs in the process. He also failed to mention the trillions of dollars of deficit spending he hooked taxpayers with in just 100 days. This is not good leadership. This is an administration bent on cutting jobs and raising taxes. The American people deserve better.”

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