WASHINGTON, DC – This week, Congressman Scott Fitzgerald (WI-05) traveled to Washington, D.C. with his Republican veteran colleagues to demand President Biden and Speaker Pelosi take action related to the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan.

Congressman Fitzgerald issued the statement below:

“President Biden has lied to Americans. He promised he would leave no one behind, but this week he ignored the most basic element of the Soldier’s Creed and did exactly that. Hundreds of Americans were abandoned and left trapped behind Taliban lines. 

“I traveled to D.C. with my Republican veteran colleagues to demand both a plan to get our people out and also accountability for all that has gone wrong with this withdrawal. The Democrats shamelessly rejected this legislative effort. 

“President Biden and his Administration have failed in their responsibilities to protect Americans, but I will not stop fighting until every American who wishes to come home is brought back and those who failed us are held accountable.”


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