WASHINGTON, DC – This week, Congressman Scott Fitzgerald (WI-05) voted against H.R. 4502, the Democrats’ minibus spending bill, along with two additional standalone spending measures.

“These spending measures show just how out of touch Democrats are with everyday Americans. Inflation is skyrocketing thanks to President Biden’s unprecedented spending, and these proposals will only hook taxpayers with higher bills. Even more disturbing, longstanding pro-life protections are stripped from these bills despite the majority of Americans agreeing that tax dollars should not fund abortions. Instead of working together, Democrats have taken a partisan approach that will only delay funding in the long run,” said Congressman Fitzgerald.


H.R. 4502 contains seven appropriations bills for FY22, totaling nearly $600 billion in discretionary spending, $102.5 billion more than last year – a 21% increase. H.R. 4502 reverses pro-life policies, weakens immigration law, and adds burdensome regulations and policies to the Big Government arsenal. This proposal is so large, it even exceeds President Biden’s budget request by billions of dollars.

H.R. 4346, the FY22 Legislative Branch Appropriations Bill, totals $4.9 billion, $581 million more than last year – a nearly 13% increase. In this bill, House Democrats prioritize their own paychecks and increase their office budgets instead of funding the paychecks of our servicemembers in the armed forces or our border patrol personnel.

H.R. 4373, the FY22 State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill, totals $62.2 billion, $1.36 billion more than last year – a 12% increase. This bill drops or weakens longstanding pro-life language and includes full funding for, and no reforms of, the World Health Organization, despite its complicity in helping China cover-up the origins of COVID-19.

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