Contact: Jordan Dunn
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI), alongside Rep. Jared Golden (D-ME), reintroduced H.R. 3389, the Congressional and Executive Foreign Lobbying Ban. This bipartisan bill would ban retired members of Congress, senior executive branch officials, and general and flag officers of the Armed Forces from lobbying on behalf of foreign interests. Click HERE for bill text.
“There is a growing problem in Washington: too many U.S. government officials are willing to shop their connections and expertise to foreign adversaries,” said Rep. Gallagher. “If you have the privilege of serving in the highest levels of the federal government, you should not be able to sell out the country and undermine our national security. This bipartisan bill holds government officials to a higher standard and ensures those trusted with faithfully executing the Constitution don’t stop once they’ve left government.”
“Folks in Washington sweep it under the rug, but members of Congress, White House officials, and retired military brass have the ability to go to work for foreign governments to influence US policy after leaving office. Believe it or not, that’s entirely legal. Congressman Mike Gallagher and I are introducing a bipartisan bill to end this practice and permanently bar former members of Congress, cabinet officials, and high-ranking military officers from lobbying on behalf of foreign countries. It’s dangerous and wrong that it’s allowed in the first place,” said Rep. Jared Golden.
The bill is part of Rep. Gallagher’s broader effort to crack down on former government officials who have used their positions to lobby on behalf of foreign interests. Earlier today, Rep. Gallagher introduced legislation that would close loopholes that allow lobbyists for Chinese companies to avoid registering under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.
He’s also introduced legislation this Congress that reinstate and codify into law the ethics pledge President Trump signed in 2017, which restricted executive branch employees from lobbying for five years and prevented these individuals from lobbying on behalf of foreign governments, as well as legislation that would establish a five-year ban on all lobbying for members of Congress and high-ranking executive branch officials.
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