WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) today released the following statement after voting against Democrats radical tax and spending bill.
“The war on common sense has reached a new low with this crazy bill. The bill creates a Civilian Climate Corps with more people than the U.S. Marine Corps, grants mass amnesty to illegal immigrants, allows for more new IRS agents than can fit in Lambeau Field, undermines domestic energy production (thereby giving China and Russia an early Christmas present), and destroys long-standing bipartisan agreements such as the Hyde Amendment and work requirements for welfare.
“Democrats have somehow interpreted their extremely narrow majority, and stunning losses in recent elections, as a mandate to deliver an unprecedented progressive transformation of our country. That is a huge, arrogant mistake. Common sense Wisconsinites do not want this crazy bill. I implore my Senate colleagues to put this bill where it belongs…in a fiery (but mostly peaceful) dumpster.”
The reconciliation package, which the CBO estimates will add more than $350 billion to the deficit, includes a number of radical policies that would:
  • Provide the IRS nearly $80 billion for tax enforcement purposes and allow the IRS to hire 87,000 new agents
  • Grants mass amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants
  • Allow taxpayer dollars to be used to fund abortions
  • Establish a Civilian Climate Corps of up to 300,000 people
  • Hurt domestic energy and mineral production and increase our dependencies on resources supplied by OPEC, Russia, and China
  • Raise taxes on natural gas
  • Extend SALT deductions to give wealthy Americans up to an $80,000 tax break each year
  • Provide electric vehicle subsidies for wealthy couples making $500,000 a year
  • Create over 150 new government programs
  • Provide over $550 billion to fulfill the Democrat’s Green New Deal agenda.
  • Create new welfare programs that have no work requirements even for able-bodied adults – at a time when there are over 10.4 million job openings
  • Include billions of dollars in small business tax hikes, which will be shouldered by Main Street job creators.
  • Turn the Child Tax Credit (CTC) into a permanent cash for kids welfare without work program
  • Provide hundreds of millions in giveaways to teachers’ unions through the Emergency Connectivity Fund to help keep schools virtual
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