WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) today released the following statement on a new NIH letter that provides evidence the US government funded gain-of-function research through the EcoHealth Alliance and that Dr. Fauci likely lied to Congress.
“If there was any doubt left in any sane person’s mind that Dr. Fauci needs to be fired and investigated for possible perjury, that doubt was removed this week. In a letter to Congress, the NIH admitted that the EcoHealth Alliance used NIH grants to conduct gain-of-function research, likely at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
“So here we have evidence from Dr. Fauci’s own organization that he likely lied to Congress about gain-of-function research, which he categorically denied they were funding. Forbes also just released documents showing Dr. Fauci became the highest-paid federal government employee — higher paid than the President, higher paid than our four star generals — in part by taking on “biodefense research” portfolio after 9/11, which included gain-of-function research. Dr. Fauci got rich off of funding gain-of-function research over the last few decades.
“This should have been the biggest news story of the day, but of course it was swept under the rug. Why? This has become such a farce, such an insult to common sense. Why won’t the media ask Fauci basic questions? Why are they still downplaying the lab leak hypothesis and in the process covering for the Chinese Communist Party and letting them get away with this massive cover-up? Why was the summary of Biden Administration’s 90 intel review one page that that could have been one sentence saying we don’t know? That was not a serious review. That was a joke.
“Is this just incompetence? Is it Fauci’s conflict of interest? Is it that Biden doesn’t want to upset China because he wants a climate change agreement? Is it this woke idea that America doesn’t have the “moral authority” to lecture China?
“Why? We have to ask. And if our public health officials won’t get to the bottom of how this pandemic started, then why should we trust them? Why should we trust the science, if the scientists repeat the lies of the communists?”
Click HERE for a video of the congressman’s statement.
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