La Crosse, WI – At a press conference yesterday, U.S. Rep. Ron KindSen. Brad Pfaff, and Wisconsin labor leaders joined together to speak about the significant wins for Wisconsin in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal. This legislation passed Congress on October 5, 2021 and is now headed to President Biden’s desk to be signed into law.

“From bolstering broadband to repairing roads and bridges and addressing PFAS contamination, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal is a historic win for Wisconsin,” said Rep. Ron Kind. “This legislation will supercharge our nation’s competitiveness, create millions of jobs, and be the biggest investment in our infrastructure in more than a generation. It’s time to rebuild Wisconsin and rebuild America, all while improving life for working families across the state.”

For decades, infrastructure in Wisconsin has suffered from a systemic lack of investment and the American Society of Civil Engineers gave Wisconsin a C grade on its infrastructure report card. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal will upgrade our crumbling infrastructure, create a generation of good-paying jobs and economic growth. Specifically, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal will provide Wisconsin with an estimated:

  • $5.2 Billion to repair our highways 
  • $225 Million to replace and repair bridges 
  • $100 Million to expand broadband access to all Wisconsinites 
  • $841 Million over the next five years to make sure every family has access to safe drinking water and address PFAS contamination
  • $592 Million for improved public transportation options
  • $198 Million for infrastructure development for airports over the next five years

Watch Rep. Kind’s remarks here.  

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