Today, Congresswoman Moore’s amendment to award grants to technical and community colleges and non-profit organizations to help improve student outcomes, expand STEM curriculum, and expand their educational and career opportunities for students was approved by a subcommittee of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee and included in the NSF for the Future Act. The amendment was cosponsored by Rep. Deborah Ross.  She also authored another successful  amendment to authorize research funding through NSF to support Clean Water Research and Technology Acceleration. In response, she released the following statement:

“We need to build a workforce for the future to remain globally competitive. This means supporting students who pursue STEM careers and ensuring they can grow in their scholarship and their careers at technical colleges and beyond. My amendment will help provide NSF support to community and technical colleges so they can contribute to building  a diverse pipeline of STEM workers and secure more resources to support students, including funds for cutting-edge research, and create more opportunities for them to learn and develop their skills.”

“We also need 21st century investments in our water infrastructure, so that every child has access to clean drinking water. My amendment  would create a new Clean Water Research and Technology Acceleration program to support innovative water research that can help spur  technologies to address the many water challenges our nation faces, including to help detect and remove contaminants from drinking water. NSF is  uniquely positioned to advance water innovation that can help ensure that clean water is accessible and sustainable for present and future generations.”

The bill now awaits consideration by the full Committee.

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