“COVID-19 has caused great harm to communities in Milwaukee that were already vulnerable. I appreciate focused vaccine outreach efforts to target underserved areas, but vaccine tourism can undermine efforts to get this critical tool into these communities to fight COVID-19. 

As the state of Wisconsin begins a partnership with Walgreens to ensure that people living in underserved communities where this virus has taken a disproportionate toll have access to the vaccine at their neighborhood Walgreens, I wrote to Wisconsin’s DHS Secretary and Walgreens leadership to suggest use of a simple tool that can help ensure that neighborhood residents get priority. There are already existing systems that most pharmacies have (an automatic prescription refill reminder tool that sends out texts or calls) that we can use. This tool can reach individuals who already rely on their local Walgreens for health services. As we continue the vaccine rollout, we must place targeted resources in underserved neighborhoods to ensure no person is left behind as we work to end the pandemic.”

Read Rep. Moore’s letter to Wisconsin DHS Secretary here.

Read Rep. Moore letter the CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance here.

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