“I am honored to be chosen to join the Select Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth. I am pleased that the Speaker recognized my longstanding efforts, both before and during my time in the State legislature and now in Congress, to address the need to provide opportunity for all in our communities. These issues of economic inequalities and disparities hit home in my district.

Milwaukee residents are forced to grapple with many challenges stemming from redlining, segregation, and discrimination that are present in our current disparities between Black and white residents in unemployment, incarceration, and poverty rates.

The speaker made clear in her announcement my role on the committee in seeking solutions to the racial wealth gap. Data shows the average income for a Black household in Milwaukee in 2018 was just under $30,000, compared with close to $80,000 for whites.1 That report also shows about 40% of Black households in Milwaukee are living in concentrated poverty and earning at or under $10,000 annually in income, compared with 7.3% for white households.1 Black schoolchildren in metro Milwaukee are as likely to attend an intensely segregated school –a school in which enrollment is over 90 percent minorities—as they were in 1965.1 That report concluded that “Black Milwaukee is generally worse off today than it was 40 or 50 years ago.1

I am ready to bring the voice of Milwaukee’s residents and their struggles against economic inequality to this important Select Committee, so that we can create equity and new opportunities for our community.”

The Select Committee was created by Speaker Pelosi to be a resource to the Congress to make policy related to economic fairness, access to education and workforce development. Working with the Committees of Jurisdiction, the Select Committee will study and recommend proposals to make our economy work for everyone.  It is molded after the mission of the Temporary National Economic Committee, founded by President Roosevelt and the Congress after the Great Depression to study and combat the concentration of wealth in America and its role in triggering economic collapse. Congresswoman Moore as one of 8 Democrats named to the committee.

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