Today, Congresswoman Moore reintroduced her bipartisan legislation with Senator Moran that will honor the service of the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion with a Congressional Gold Medal. Seventy-six years ago, this month, the all-Black, all-female Women’s Army Corps Battalion deployed to England and France during World War II’. The 6888th was the only African-American unit in the Women’s Army Corps to deploy overseas during the War.

As noted by the Montford Point Marines Association, “These women were set up to fail, but they stood up and delivered and exceeded all expectations. They improved our nation’s will to fight.”

At a time when mail was critical to the morale of troops deployed overseas, the 6888th arrived in Birmingham, England to a mail backlog dating as far back as two years. Mail addressed to first names, nicknames and outdated addresses all compounded the difficulty of this daunting task sorting millions of pieces of mail for soldiers on the front lines. Nevertheless, the 855 Black women, both enlisted and officers, of the 6888th worked in three-shifts around the clock to finish the task in half the time. They would then be deployed to Rouen and Paris, France before coming back to the states in 1946. In response, she released the following statement:

“As we celebrate Black History month, let us not forget the incredible dedication of these women, like my constituent Anna Mae Robertson, who despite facing racism, sexism and working in austere conditions in a war zone, worked day and night to support our troops with the motto “No Mail, Low Morale.”

When they returned home, their hard work and selfless service was not recognized. As a country, we can  correct this wrong, ensure their story of sacrifice is told, and give these women the honor they earned by awarding a Congressional Gold Medal to these heroes,” said Congresswoman Moore, “I am pleased to be joined by members from both sides of the aisle, including Senator Moran, and Rep. Jake LaTurner, in introducing this legislation to honor these brave veterans,” said Congresswoman Moore.

“As we celebrate Black History Month, I’m pleased to lead the effort to award the women of the ‘Six Triple Eight’ with the Congressional Gold Medal,” said Sen. Moran. “Their unit arrived in the European Theater of Operations on February 12, 1945, so it is fitting that we recognize their important place in history this week with the introduction of this bill. These brave women and their service to our country deserve a special spot in history, and I will continue to work with my colleagues to make certain the Senate does its part in honoring their service and sacrifice,” said Senator Moran.

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