“The world watched George Floyd’s final moments and refused to look away. Communities around the country and the world demanded change.

My heart continues to go out to the Floyd family, and I hope that jury’s decision today gives them some comfort. But the pursuit of justice and real reform to restore trust between communities and police must continue. No more Black men or women must lose their lives.

In my 70 years of life, I have seen justice denied too many times. I realized I had to use my voice, my power, to create change in Milwaukee. I was once a young activist who cut classes to join Vel Phillips and Father Groppi in the streets to call for fair housing in Milwaukee. I remember protesting with my son after the killing of Ernest Lacy and then years later, calling for change after Dontre Hamilton’s death.

Systemic change takes consistent time, effort, and organizing. Our work is far from over, we must continue fighting for change outside of that courtroom to improve our communities.”

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