“Our crises demand a bold response. The American Rescue Plan answers for our country’s urgent needs by providing needed survival checks, extending relief for unemployed workers, securing funds that will safely allow the return of our kids to school, resources to help assist in more equitable access to testing and distribution of vaccines, and funds to help bring the pandemic to an end. The American people will see the impact of this bill in their bank accounts, their communities, and their local small businesses.

The American Rescue Plan takes major steps to reduce poverty by expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC). Not only will this uplift families, but it will also reduce child poverty in our communities.

While I am disappointed this bill does not include a minimum wage increase, I will continue fighting for a living wage for our most vulnerable workers. Minimum wage workers deserve to live with the stability of a decent paycheck, not the uncertainty of barely scraping by.

Our cities, our families, our workers, our families, and the people need this bill now. I look forward to the American Rescue Plan being swiftly signed into law and building upon this effort to bring more progress to our country.”

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