“We need to restore power back to workers, so they can make choose to organize without interference or intimidation. For decades, workers’ rights have been under assault by powerful special interests as income inequality has soared and wages have stagnated.

The PRO Act strengthens workers’ labor protections by ensuring union elections are secure, increasing penalties for employers who infringe on their rights, and empowering workers by addressing present barriers like “right-to-work” laws.

Unions have helped create a high quality of life for Americans: wages grow, the middle class expands and thrives, and workers have better benefits when they can advocate for themselves in the workplace. Milwaukee is a city known for its rich labor history, where blood was shed for the eight-hour workday. Today, I hold this treasured legacy especially close to me as I support this legislation.

In passing the PRO Act, we honor working people, including essential workers, who helped us get through these times and ensure they can prosper in our economy with a more equal, fair piece of the pie.”

Find more information about the PRO Act here.

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