Contact: Samara Sheff

“I am a proud supporter of H.R. 1, For the People Act. For too long, big money has dominated our politics, which is why we need the H.R. 1 to infuse greater transparency in campaign financing and restore political power back to the American people. This legislation will provide a much-needed overhaul of our campaign finance laws, strengthening ethics requirements, and preserving the most sacred part of America’s democracy: the voices of its people at the ballot box. I am pleased the bill includes provisions I authored calling for a study on voting access for the disabled and to support the provision of voter registration materials to those leaving incarceration.

During floor consideration, an amendment I co-led with Rep. Jackie Speier to require states to establish privacy programs to keep personally identifiable information, such as addresses, confidential to protect survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking was also approved.

For years, Wisconsinites particularly, Milwaukee residents, have been forced to bear the brunt of voter suppression tactics with a photo ID requirement at the polls, which disproportionately affects communities of color and fail to make elections more secure. Even as we consider this legislation, states across the country are acting to make it harder to vote. These voter suppression efforts undermine our democracy, but H.R. 1 takes steps to increase, not suppress, access to the ballot box.

Now more than ever, we need reforms in our voting and election systems that protect and amplify the voices of all Americans to ensure every person is heard in our democracy, not just the well-connected or wealthy.”

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