WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Rep. Tom Tiffany (WI-07), a member of the House Natural Resources Committee, called on Wisconsin’s two senators to oppose the nomination of Tracy Stone-Manning as the Director of the Bureau of Land Management. Investigative reports recently revealed links between Ms. Stone-Manning and an eco-terrorist group, as well as ties to one of the group’s tree-spiking schemes. She subsequently lied about her involvement under oath in a background check questionnaire.

Tree spiking is when a metal rod is hammered into a tree trunk with the intent of damaging or destroying the saws used by firefighters or loggers. The spikes can also become jammed in mill equipment, causing damage, serious bodily injuries, or even death.

“Our federal lands are governed by the multiple-use philosophy – and that means a balanced approach to recreation, conservation, energy development, mining and timber harvesting,” said Tiffany. “Someone with Ms. Stone-Manning’s dark background and ties to extremist organizations and their criminal activities make it clear that she is unfit to carry out this mandate or act as an honest broker when it comes to land management decisions.”

Despite the troubling revelations surrounding Ms. Stone-Manning’s checkered background, the Biden administration has so far refused to withdraw her nomination.

“If President Biden insists on moving forward with this misguided nomination, I hope Wisconsin’s two Senators will vote to reject it,” concluded Tiffany. “Certainly we can find someone to head the BLM that is qualified, committed to the agency’s mission – and who isn’t linked to eco-terrorism.”

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