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The pension Milwaukee’s Ken Stribling worked to earn was saved by the American Rescue Plan Baldwin supported

 WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin will attend President Biden’s first Address to a Joint Session of Congress on Wednesday night and today she named Ken Stribling, a retired Teamster from Local 200 in Milwaukee, as her “Virtual Guest” for the President’s address to the nation.

Members of Congress often invite constituents to join them as guests to such speeches. While COVID-19 safety protocols mean this year’s in-person attendance will be limited, Baldwin said naming a virtual guest like Stribling is an important way to honor hardworking men and women in Wisconsin.

Senator Baldwin worked to successfully secure provisions in the American Rescue Plan that ensure workers and retirees – including Stribling and 22,500 in Wisconsin – can keep the retirement they have earned so their families and livelihoods are not put at risk. Baldwin voted for the legislation that President Joe Biden signed into law in early March.

“There are about 22,500 workers and retirees in Wisconsin who were facing massive cuts to their pensions, through no fault of their own. When Ken Stribling in Milwaukee was informed that his pension was getting cut by 55 percent, he was devastated. I worked for six years with Ken and many other Wisconsin workers and retirees to make sure they would get the pensions that they worked for and earned. Finally, we were able to get this done in the American Rescue Plan,” said Senator Baldwin. “Now these workers and retirees have the peace of mind of knowing that the pensions they earned will be there for them and for their families when they need it. A pension is a promise and it should be kept.”

Baldwin highlighted Stribling’s story on social media and video can be found here. 

An online version of this release is available here.

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