WASHINGTON  U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) joined Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Friday and “Fox and Friends Weekend” on Sunday to discuss the mainstream media and Big Tech’s censorship of adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines and Democrat’s false narratives surrounding Jan. 6.

The interviews can be found here and here, and excerpts are below.

On adverse vaccine reactions:

”There are thousands of stories like April’s and Candace’s. There are over 5,200 deaths right now reported on the VAERS system, and our federal health agencies are not taking this seriously, and you’re right, the media and the social media are suppressing this. They have support groups that are on social media that are being disabled. People that are helping others that are suicidal have lost touch with people who are suicidal. This is beyond the pale, and our health agencies have to start taking this seriously. They want to be heard and seen so they can get effective treatment, so that future harm can be prevented. One thing we need to do is we can’t short circuit the approval process for these experimental vaccines — we have to go through the full observational studies. It takes time to understand whether or not there’s real significant injury occurring. There are over 5,200 deaths reported on the VAERS system right now — those are alarm bells that should be going off in our federal health agencies, and they’re not.” (Sen. Johnson, “Fox and Friends Weekend,” 7/11/21)

On Jan. 6 security failures:

“I support law enforcement, unlike Democrats who only support law enforcement that protects them. The fact of the matter is, on January 6th the line officers did an exemplary job of protecting members of Congress, but their leadership, congressional leadership, Capitol Hill police leadership, utterly failed those line officers as well as their mission. So now they want to expand their mission beyond the Capitol Hill, but they ought to focus on what they failed to do on January 6th and they ought to focus on the mission of protecting the Capitol, and members of Congress in the Capitol, not out in the states.” (Sen. Johnson, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” 7/9/21)

“The Democrats like that narrative. That fence should have been taken down for sure the day after the inauguration, but it was allowed to stand because it perpetuated the false narrative that 75 million Americans who voted for President Trump were suspected domestic terrorists, and the Capitol needed to be protected against them.” (Sen. Johnson, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” 7/9/21)

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