WASHINGTON — On Monday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) introduced a resolution designating July 2021 as National Sarcoma Awareness Month, to raise awareness of sarcoma, a form of cancer, and to honor the life of Melissa Locke and the many other Americans that this disease affects.

“I am pleased to introduce this resolution in honor of Melissa Locke and the countless other Americans who have struggled with the life-threatening disease sarcoma,” said Senator Johnson. “I hope we can continue to increase awareness of this complex form of cancer that is diagnosed thousands of times each year.”

“In the United States 16,000 individuals are diagnosed with sarcoma each year; more than 7,000 individuals die from sarcoma each year; 50,000 individuals struggle with sarcoma at any one time; each year, 1 percent of cancers diagnosed in adults and 20 percent of cancers diagnosed in children are sarcoma,” the resolution read in part. “July 2021 would be an appropriate month to designate as National Sarcoma Awareness Month to raise awareness about sarcoma and to encourage more individuals in the United States to get properly diagnosed and treated.”

A copy of the resolution can be found here.

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