WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) on Wednesday and Thursday joined Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria” and Newsmax’s “Spicer & Company” to discuss how Democrats’ reckless policies are affecting the economy and rising crime.

The interviews can be found here and here, and excerpts are below.

On rise in crime:

“There is a leniency toward crime. We not only have catch and release at the border, fueling that border crisis, but we have catch and release in our criminal justice system. And again, there are six people dead, 60 people injured in Waukesha, that should be having a blessed Christmas right now with family and they won’t be. And that is a direct result of democrat policies and their leniency towards violent crimes.” (Sen. Ron Johnson, ‘Mornings with Maria,’ 12/16/21)

“Bail has to be higher and people need to be kept in jail that are violent. Now, Milwaukee will complain that ‘well, our court systems are filled up’ because of Covid they weren’t holding trial and court—well, fix that. The answer to that problem is not letting violent criminals back on the street to commit more crimes and kill more people. The solution there is to enforce your laws and keep people locked up that are violent.” (Sen. Ron Johnson, ‘Spicer & Co.,’ 12/15/21)

Read more about Sen. Johnson’s letter to AG Merrick Garland here.

On inflation:

“I hope the chances are high that we just kill this bill. This bill would fuel the flames of inflation. We had recent reports of 6.8% annualized inflation that is higher than any point in the last 39 years. The producer price index came in at 9.75% so that’s just a predictor of what is going to happen with the consumer price index. This out of control deficit spending is fueling inflation in two ways. It’s obviously creating more dollars chasing too few goods and it’s creating programs encouraging people not to enter workforce. Manufacturers already can’t fill shifts, they can’t fill orders, so that exacerbates the supply shortage as well.”(Sen. Ron Johnson, ‘Mornings with Maria,’ 12/16/21)

On Corrupt Medical Journals Impact on COVID-19 Treatment:

“I think it’s a fraudulent data set. These were a couple studies published in The Lancent and the New England Journal of Medicine, the gold standard of medical journals that had to be retracted in two weeks. Quietly retracted, but they had already done their damage. They pretty well poisoned the well for hydroxychloroquine as an early treatment drug and a cheap generic. What I am finding from the doctors that are actually having the courage and compassion to treat Covid patients, it works in a multidrug protocol. So I just want to get to the bottom of the corruption of our medical journals, quite honestly the corruption of our health care agencies. The biggest blunder that has cost hundreds of thousands of Americans their lives is we did not robustly explore and implement early treatment. We still aren’t.” (Sen. Ron Johnson, ‘Mornings with Maria,’ 12/16/21)

Read more about Sen. Johnson’s letter to medical journals here.

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