WASHINGTON — On Tuesday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, joined Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” to discuss President Biden’s policy decisions that have made America less secure.

The full interview can be found here, and excerpts are below.

On President Biden’s policy failures:

“It is a threat, that’s the only answer that they can provide. We are in greater danger, this nation is in peril, because of the policy decisions of the Biden administration. It’s definitely incompetent, these people are incompetent but that’s being kind to them. These policy failures, these rolling disasters, are caused by their policy decisions. This is what they want – they want open borders, they wanted the surrender in Afghanistan. They ignored all relevant advice warning them what would happen, they just pushed forward.”

On the Biden border crisis:

“He will try and put lipstick on that pig but he can’t. We’ve been averaging more than 6,700 apprehensions per day over the last couple months and what should be a bombshell report was a letter that just recently retired U.S. Border Patrol chief Rodney Scott wrote to our committee, to the heads of the committee and leadership of the Senate, that says Secretary Mayorkas and other political appointees in DHS have provided factually incorrect information to congressional representatives and the American public. They’ve been lying to us. Let’s face it, they’ve been lying to us. To say that our border is closed is a lie, it’s a fantasy land. They are denying reality, and they are denying reality to the point where it’s very dangerous for this nation. Chief Scott talks about the national security threat. He says to think that well-resourced terrorist networks, criminal organizations, and hostile nations are not exploiting this is naive. He also said he is sickened by the avoidable and rapid disintegration of what was arguably the most effective border security in our nation’s history under the previous administration. This administration, President Biden, again, completely incompetent but this is his policy choice. This is the choice of the democrats – they wanted open borders, now we have them and it is a huge national security and homeland security threat.”

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