WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) joined Fox News’ ‘Your World’ with Charles Payne today to discuss the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing in which Democrats and Secretary Mayorkas were in a state of denial about the Biden administration’s utter failure to control the crisis at the Southern border.

Full interview here, excerpts below.

“It was surreal being in that hearing room as we heard Chairman Peters and then Secretary Mayorkas talked about how they inherited this crisis.”

“President Biden and Vice President Harris know the human depredations, the inhumanity, that their policies are creating. They are facilitating the multibillion dollar business model of the most evil people on the planet. The sex trafficking, the human trafficking, the beatings, the kidnappings, the additional ransom, they know this full well. They know that children are being sold, they’re being recycled and used again for another adult as a another family unit. They knew all this and yet they instituted these policies that are incentivizing this business model. It’s shameful.”

“We are apprehending on average almost 6,000 people per day over the last couple months. 6,000 per day, that’s a caravan a day. About 1,000 known get-aways. We have no idea how many people now get away without being known because the border is completely open. The drug trafficking, we have no idea. And again, they’re disbursing people without even a notice to appear.”

“In 2006, 26 senate democrats voted for the Secure Fence Act, including President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, President Biden. Now they’ve turned it into a partisan issue and every democrat on my committee voted against my amendment to just complete the wall with the money that has been spent. We’re going to be wasting $2 billion of American taxpayer money because we won’t complete the wall. We’ll get nothing for it.”

“The vaccine is highly effective, by the way, so is natural immunity. I just consulted with a doctor and had an antibody test, my anti-body level seven months after I had asymptomatic COVID is at a level as high as the doctors that had two shots of the Moderna vaccine. So I think we should certainly include people with natural immunity as well.”

“Let’s face it, I’m not in a position of either encouraging or discouraging. I celebrated Operation Warp Speed. I’ve had every flu vaccine the last 30, 40 years. I’m up to date with all my other vaccines. I do believe this is a right to choose. I’m a big supporter of Right to Try, I’m the champion of Right to Try but the corollary of that is right to choose. What about healthcare privacy? We’re losing all of these liberties during Covid. We ought to reclaim these liberties.”

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