WASHINGTON — On Tuesday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) joined Just the News’ “Securing our Elections, Protecting Your Vote,” election special and Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” on Wednesday to discuss Democrats’ attempt to consolidate control over government and our lives with their latest legislative power grab.

The interviews can be found here and here, and excerpts are below.

On Democrats’ S.1 power grab:

“It’s not a voter rights bill. It’s a bill designed to help Democrats cheat in the elections. What Republicans want to do is we want to restore confidence in our voting system. It’s an unsustainable state of affairs that no matter who wins, the other half of the country doesn’t believe that the elections are legitimate. … And now the Democrats want to pass a bill: It’s going to make it easier to cheat. Republicans want to make it easier to vote but harder to cheat. It seems like Democrats’ primary goal is to make it easier to cheat by, for example, eliminating voter ID, requiring ballot harvesting, and making it more difficult to maintain accurate voter files.” (Sen. Johnson, ‘Wake Up America,’ 6/23/21)

“It’s another Orwellian-named bill in the long line of Democrat bills like the ‘Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’ that really have nothing to do with the title. ‘For the People Act’: It has nothing to do with voting rights. It has everything to do with consolidating power in the Democrat Party for years and decades to come — consolidating their control over the government, which means consolidating their control over each individual American’s life.” (Sen. Johnson, ‘Real America’s Voice,’ 6/22/21)

”It was the Baker-Carter commission that talked about how absentee balloting is probably the number one area where fraud can occur, and yet what the Democrats have been pushing is expanding way beyond absentee balloting — basically mandatory mail-in balloting while at the same time reducing the controls over that type of process, which of course just set us up for all the turmoil over the 2020 election result. So again, Republicans want to restore confidence in our election system; Democrats are doing everything they can to reduce confidence.” (Sen. Johnson, ‘Real America’s Voice,’ 6/22/21)

On the Iran deal:

“The Iran agreement was a disaster. I’m glad President Trump pulled out of it. We should maintain sanctions on Iran until they come to the negotiating table in good faith, which they have never done. I’ve got my own amendment, I’ve got a bill right now with a lot of Republican co-sponsors that would deem any agreement the Biden administration enters into with Iran a treaty, requiring it to be ratified by the United States Senate. That should pass 100 to 0 in the United States Senate. I think the main benefit of it was it would force any agreement to be advantageous — good enough to get ratified by the United States Senate, which obviously the original agreement was not, and this one won’t be either unless it’s deemed a treaty and ratified by the Senate.” (Sen. Johnson, ‘Wake Up America,’ 6/23/21)

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