WASHINGTON — On Tuesday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) joined Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria” to discuss the administration’s weakness on countering China and President Biden’s radical policy agenda.

The full video can be found here, and excerpts are below.

On President Biden’s foreign policy weakness:

“Unfortunately what President Biden has been doing has been demonstrating weakness while Xi Jinping militarizes the South China Sea Islands, threatens Taiwan with over flights, represses his own people, the Uighurs. We are actually concerned more about wonkiness in our military as opposed to military readiness, so Xi Jinping understands that. As Tony Bobulinski warned us, he believes that President Biden is compromised. Chuck Grassley and my report showed the vast web of foreign financial entanglements, the millions of dollars of different wire transfers that we don’t really know exactly what happened there, but I can tell you Chinese intelligence does. And so again we have a very weak president, he is just emanating weakness. His actions are weak, and weak invites aggression. You achieve peace through strength, and this administration is doing everything the wrong way in terms of making America stronger, to really achieve the type of peace and stability we need in the world.”

On the Biden’s administration’s radical agenda:

“Well you called them progressives, I would call them radical leftists. We are seeing this administration nominate radical leftist after radical leftist – people whose views are way outside of the mainstream. But again, the mainstream press is not covering this. It is only in conservative news outlets, shows like yours, that are really talking about how radical their views are. For example, a tree spiker, an environmental radical, gets nominated. This is the problem with a radical left administration. I’m hoping America is paying attention. America needs to awaken to the urgency of the issue here. We need to understand what Democrat governance looks like. I’ve said in the past, it’s true that so many people in the Biden administration, including the president, they are incompetent, but that’s too kind. These are their policies: an open border, out of control deficit spending, weakness from the standpoint of foreign policy, the embarrassing and dangerous surrender in Afghanistan, rising oil prices and gas prices. This is what their policies were designed to create.”

On the Democrats’ reckless economic policies:

“The most we can do is blow the whistle on it and talk about what this thing actually costs. Talk about the new entitlement programs, talk about the way that we are paying people not to work, which is one of the reasons we have a severe labor crisis in this country, why we have supply shortages, combined with the out-of-control deficit spending. That is why we have inflation – inflation is increasing. As I’m talking to business people, price increases are not only expected, they are being accepted. That is a very bad place for our economy to be when we basically have inflation endemic while at the same time we have a slowing economy – that’s called stagflation. I have been concerned about it for months, and I think we are witnessing it.”

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