WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) on Tuesday joined Fox Business’ “Fox Business Tonight” and Newsmax’s “Eric Bolling the Balance” to discuss how Democrats’ policies are harming American families and businesses.

The interviews can be found here and here, and excerpts are below.

On debt ceiling and Biden inflation:

“Inflation is the one thing that people see every day. They go fill up their car and what used to cost them $35 bucks is now costing them $70. It is shocking. Grocery prices are skyrocketing and you have to understand that the very people the democrats purport to represent—retirees on a fixed income, the working poor—those are exactly the people that are hurt most by inflation. Inflation is a tax on everybody.” (Sen. Ron Johnson, ‘Eric Bolling the Balance,’ 12/14/21)

If you’re going to increase the debt ceiling, you ought to at least enact some kind of fiscal discipline, some kind of fiscal control. We did that in 2011 with a Budget Control Act actually reduce discretionary spending for three years in a row before Washington decided to weasel out from underneath it. You know, it was a conference position to get something like the Preventing Government Shutdown Act, which I passed out of our committee with broad bipartisan support, or the Full Faith and Credit or the Trust Act, but Democrats could care less about fiscal controls. They just want to spend money we don’t have which has sparked inflation, or record level inflation, or higher level than any time in the last 39 years. We just got the Producer Price Index 9.7% increase in producer prices that translates into consumer prices in the future.” (Sen. Ron Johnson, ‘Fox Business Tonight,’ 12/14/21)

On rise in crime:

“Let’s face it, under democratic governance this country is out of control. Whether it’s out of control illegal immigration, out of control spending, deficit spending, out of control debt, out of control inflation, out of control crime. Let’s face it, when you tell people that we’re not going to arrest you only if you steal more than $950, you turn a crime into non crime. I guess you get a lot more of it, so it’s out of control.” (Sen. Ron Johnson, ‘Eric Bolling the Balance,’ 12/14/21)

We have catch and release, not only at the southern border, but also catch and release in our criminal justice system. Remember, our current vice president urged people to donate to a fund to bail out the Minneapolis rioters so they could get back on the street and riot again. You know, we had a slaughter, a horror show in Waukesha because a criminal was let out of jail with incredibly low bail –$1,000 for a penalty indictment. This is completely out of control. Crime is spilling out of high crime, democrat governed big cities into the suburbs. And once again, Americans are starting to notice that which is why you have those types of poll numbers.” (Sen. Ron Johnson, ‘Eric Bolling the Balance,’ 12/14/21)

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