“I believe that a President should get the cabinet members he or she wants, even if I may disagree on some policy positions. It is our job as members of this committee to approve nominees that have ‘the necessary integrity and affirmative[e] qualifi[cations] by reason of training, education, or experience to carry out the functions of the office.’ Although I had a good working relationship with Mr. Mayorkas as Deputy Secretary of DHS, and hope to work with him in good faith if he is confirmed as Secretary, I simply cannot support his nomination. The 2015 DHS-OIG report detailing Mr. Mayorkas’ improper intervention to benefit politically-connected EB-5 visa applicants and the concerns raised to the inspector general by career USCIS employees is more than troubling. As is Mr. Mayorkas’ dismissal of it. In addition, his lack of candor and incomplete response to Senator Grassley’s oversight efforts in 2013 and again recently is another red flag. I hope Mr. Mayorkas has learned from his past mistakes and can perform his new duties with the integrity required of the position, should he be confirmed.”

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