Contact: Alexa Henning, Vanessa Ambrosini

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) issued the following statement after President Biden delivered his Joint Address to Congress on Wednesday night.

“Unfortunately, President Biden’s agenda is massive spending, massive tax increases, open borders, and attacks on energy that will harm our economy and threaten American jobs. He promised to unify and heal America but has done the exact opposite in his first 100 days. He has declared that America is systemically racist and needs to be “fundamentally transformed.” That type of rhetoric sows division and discord and leads me to ask: Can anyone even like, much less love, something they want to fundamentally transform? While it’s not perfect, I believe America is the greatest nation in the history of mankind. We are a nation with problems to fix, not a country that needs a complete overhaul. I wish President Biden shared that belief and would work with those of us who truly love America to address the serious issues we do face.”

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