WASHINGTON — On Thursday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) appeared on “The Mark Levin Show” to discuss Biden and the Democrats’ disastrous spending proposals and the need for transparency on collusion between Big Tech, Big Government, and the mainstream media.

The full interview can be found here, and excerpts are below.

On Democrats’ reckless tax and spending spree: 

“Right now there’s not a whole lot we can do if Democrats want to pass a 3.5, which is really about a 5.5 trillion-dollar dollar spending package, laying in all kinds of new entitlements that we realize will probably never go away, because Republicans never have the backbone to remove these programs or end these programs when they finally get into office, so we just have government ratcheting in one direction.”

On Democrats’ radical agenda: 

“And one huge mistake conservatives have been making is we concentrate all our efforts on the federal government and we’ve allowed the radical left to take over our school boards, our education system, local government. We need to concentrate on that while trying to do everything possible to resist.”

“Just like under Obama where they had their opportunity, they laid in their new entitlement called Obamacare, knowing it would never get repealed, and they’re going to do that on steroids now. They’re going to lay in all kinds of new, liberal, Marxist dependent type of programs and they’ll never be repealed. This is what they do for each other. Once they get into power, it’s all about retaining power, it’s all about making more Americans dependent on government, blowing up the system for their greater utopia.”

“That’s what I’m seeing in Wisconsin too. I mean, people are fed up with the critical race theory. People are so concerned about losing this marvel we call America. This is something rare and precious, and certainly people that supported President Trump, true conservatives, understand what made this country great. It’s not big government. It’s that liberty and freedom that our Founders fought for, that people died for, so we can dream, aspire, build, and create. That’s what made this country, and that’s what everybody on our side of the aisle—that’s what we’re afraid of losing.”

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