WASHINGTON — On Monday, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) joined Fox Business’ “Kudlow” to discuss his bill that will place a constitutional check on any nuclear deal with Iran and the Democrats’ use of the IRS to go after their political opponents.

Senator Johnson led 22 of his Republican colleagues in introducing the Iran Nuclear Treaty Act on Friday that would require the president submit to Congress any renewed nuclear deal with Iran as a treaty.

The full interview can be found here, and excerpts are below.

On the Biden administration’s weakness toward Iran:

“Iran did change their behavior in reaction to the JCPOA — they changed it for the worse. They became emboldened. They spent $100 billion plus beefing up their military, becoming and remaining the largest state sponsor of terror.”

“Trust me, the administration does not want to submit any agreement to the Senate because they know that anything they negotiate wouldn’t even come close to being ratified by the Senate, and that’s the point. Those agreements, they are so important. They do involve U.S. national security. They should be negotiated to benefit America, and if the administration can’t get the support of the Senate, it shouldn’t be doing the deal.”

On Democrats’ weaponized IRS:

“In Democrat administrations, they use the IRS and they weaponize it against their political opponents. They did it again when they denied tax-exempt treatment to conservative groups. (Under) Lois Lerner, they were able to do it with impunity. Nobody was prosecuted; nobody paid a price. Lois Lerner was able to retire on her big fat government pension. So fast forward to now, the Biden administration, lo and behold, all of sudden there are leaks out of the IRS of wealthy Americans’ tax returns, which is completely illegal, but timed exquisitely to tie into the debate that we’ll have here around Joe Biden’s grotesquely deficit spending budget which also will include the largest tax increase in history.”

On Democrats’ reckless spending:

“As long as Democrats are united, they’re going to be able to pass this through reconciliation. Certainly my advice is the Republican conference position should be we should agree to vote for no new spending unless all it does repurpose the 700-some billion dollars that was in the out years from the $1.9 trillion. We shouldn’t do a separate deal that is more deficit spending because that just opens up more room for larger deficit spending, bigger tax increases through budget reconciliation.”

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