Green Bay, Wis.— The UW-Marinette County Foundation, Inc., a philanthropic society of individuals dedicated to supporting public higher education in Marinette County, is combining forces with the UW-Green Bay Foundation to create efficiencies and eliminate duplication of fiduciary duties. The two groups determined that the focus needs to be on growing the number of college degree earners in the region to retain and attract employers in today’s fast-paced changing economy. The college degree attainment rate in the region is 26% compared to 33% nationally.

“The missions of the two entities overlap and it makes sense to work collaboratively with the University’s affiliated Foundation for fiduciary purposes,” says BA Berquist, board chair of the UW-Marinette County Foundation. “The local UW College campus was integrated with UW-Green Bay in 2018 and now the campus offers a growing number of classes and even four-year degree options. The time has arrived to roll up our sleeves and work together to re-envision what public higher education looks like in our region going forward.”

“The Marinette Campus is one of four access points and is critical to our mission to reach students who seek educational opportunities close to home,” says University Chancellor Michael Alexander. “Today’s students seek a combination of learning modalities, and with 12% growth at the Marinette Campus this year we are building momentum for expanded educational opportunities for the region.”

Donors to the UW-Marinette Foundation will see little change in how their support benefits public higher education.

“Donors can still support important programs offered by the University, the only difference is that gifts will flow through the UW-Green Bay Foundation,” according to UW-Green Bay Foundation President Tony Werner. “Gifts can be restricted for use at the UW-Green Bay, Marinette Campus and donor intent on existing endowed funds will be honored. Philanthropic support for public universities is on the rise nationally as state support continues to decline, and we are experiencing the same trends here in Wisconsin.”

Current board members of the UW-Marinette Foundation were invited to serve on the Marinette Campus Advisory Board, a group that meets periodically to offer a local perspective on the regional nature of the University.

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