MADISON, Wis.— Comedian Charlie Berens has joined the University of
Wisconsin System’s Vax Up! “70 for 70” campaign to encourage students
to become vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

Berens famously squared off against UW System President Tommy Thompson
during the 2020-21 academic year to smash stuff on video as part of
the System’s “Smash COVID” campaign. A new video circulating on social
media shows Berens hitting a carnival-style high-striker to urge
vaccinations among students.

“Hey, everyone. Just do the vaccine thing, ok? Why not, you know?”
Berens says in the video.

The UW System has begun circulating the video on Twitter, Facebook,
YouTube, Instagram, and other social platforms. The UW System is also
announcing today that two additional universities have attained a 70
percent vaccination rate among students, UW-Eau Claire and

“I’m pleased to see our students do their part to protect themselves
and their campus communities,” Thompson said. “UW students are
embracing the culture of responsibility we need to deliver the full
college experience.”

UW-La Crosse announced earlier this month it has also reached the 70
percent threshold, while UW-Madison, running its own campaign, has a
student vaccination rate over 90 percent.

Under the “70 for 70” campaign, students who are vaccinated who attend
universities that reach the 70 percent threshold, based on fall 2020
full-time-equivalent enrollment and excluding students studying only
online, are eligible to win one of 70 scholarships valued at $7,000.
The campaign runs through Oct. 15.

The UW System will announce vaccination rates for all universities
soon. Once published, the figures will be updated weekly.

Since the start of the campaign, Thompson has already promoted the
campaign at five UW universities. See media coverage of those events

UW-Stevens Point

UW-La Crosse

UW Oshkosh


UW-Eau Claire

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