70 students have been selected for $7,000 scholarships

MADISON, Wis.—University of Wisconsin System President Tommy Thompson today announced that 70 students have been selected through a random drawing to receive a $7,000 scholarship under the System’s Vax Up! “70 for 70” campaign.

The 70 students attend the 11 UW System universities that participated in the campaign and that also achieved a 70 percent COVID-19 vaccination rate among students.

“We took up a challenge to educate and inform students as a part of a vaccination campaign to help keep our universities safe – and it has succeeded,” Thompson said. “What a thrill it is to be able to tell students they have won a $7,000 scholarship. I am so proud of our students, faculty, staff, and administrators who helped make this happen.”

Also today, the UW System released a short video on social media featuring Thompson celebrating the accomplishment with all university mascots. In the video, the “Board of Mascots” convenes to hear Thompson announce the success of the Vax Up! “70 for 70” campaign.

Thompson set a goal for 12 universities to reach a 70 percent student vaccination rate by Oct. 31. All but one reached the goal, while UW-Madison ran its own campaign.

“I believe in encouraging, rather than mandating, vaccines, and the scholarship incentive was a great motivator,” Thompson said.

Student scholarship winners have been notified by their universities. Funding for the scholarships is coming from the UW System.

President Thompson, chancellors, and other university officials will continue to encourage students to become vaccinated against COVID-19. Numerous universities also offered their own incentives, including scholarships, iPads, and gift cards to local merchants.

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