PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – Derrick Van Orden attended a send off for members of the Wisconsin National Guard yesterday before their deployment to address President Biden’s self-inflicted border crisis. Derrick knows the feeling of being deployed after multiple deployments during his 21 year career as a Navy SEAL, including 5 to combat zones.
Derrick released the following statement after addressing the National Guard forces:
Each and every one of the members of our armed forces are in my prayers as they embark on their mission to help secure our border. President Biden with a stroke of a pen created this mess, and now the largest deployment of Wisconsin National Guard forces since 2012 is going to fix it. We need to end this one party rule in Washington because President Biden and Vice President Harris have failed to fix the crisis they created, and are being enabled by the Democrat controlled Congress. This insanity needs to end.
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