PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – Yesterday, Derrick Van Orden joined Meg Ellefson to discuss the mask optional movement happening in school boards across the 3rd District. Derrick has attended a number of school board meetings at the behest of concerned parents feeling ignored by their local school boards. He discussed with Meg the lessons about local governance that can be learned from these experiences.
During the interview, here’s what Derrick had to say about the importance of local governance:
“The Founding Fathers designed our government so it would be as close as to the people as possible so that the people in government could be held accountable by the folks they’re supposed to be representing. And I guarantee you, I don’t think any of those people on the shcool board in Wisconsin Rapids are going to be on the board again because they clearly showed that they completely disregarded anything that anyone said that wanted to make those masks optional. Their decision was made before they sat down and that was crystal clear to everybody.
“That’s not how you govern.”
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