PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – Candidates have filed their quarterly FEC reports documenting fundraising totals. Comparing the fundraising quarters for Derrick Van Orden and Ron Kind in Wisconsin’s 3rd District shows a stark contrast in enthusiasm and support.
Van Orden raised more than $750,000 in a single quarter, the largest amount of any Republican challenger for a U.S. House seat across the nation. Incumbent Ron Kind, a member of Congress for more than 2 decades and a member of one of the nation’s most lucrative committees, raised just $408,504.31 in Q2 bringing his total for the year to $657,382.29.
Derrick Van Orden raised nearly $100,000 more in one quarter than his incumbent opponent has since the year began.
Over 94% of Derrick’s fundraising came from individual donations. Over 60% of Ron Kind’s fundraising came from his special interest and liberal Washington allies’ PACs.
In what is one of the most competitive races in the country, the enthusiasm behind each of these candidates is shown in their fundraising totals. Derrick’s massive fundraising haul is evidence that there is significant grassroots momentum for Derrick’s leadership and commitment to service.
Derrick Van Orden released the following statement on the news of this quarter’s fundraising disparity:
“By raising more money in a single quarter than Ron Kind has this year, our Team of Wisconsinites are sending this message loud and clear: “We are done with career politicians who are bought and paid for by the highest bidder.”
One look at Kind’s report and our’s shows you everything you need to know. 94% of our donations come from individuals and over 60% of Kind’s are from Special Interest Groups and Liberal DC allies desperate for him to keep his job as they know they own his vote.
Being the Representative for Wisconsin’s 3rd District means representing the people, not your own self-interest. I’ve dedicated my life to public service, and Kind has dedicated his to self-service. One look at his personal bank account will tell you that.”
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