PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – Last night, Nancy Pelosi and Radical Washington Democrats passed two reckless pieces of legislation leading our nation down the path to socialism and refusing to commit to our nation’s moral obligation to safely evacuate every American from Afghanistan.
Derrick Van Orden released the following statement in response to these two votes passed by Washington Democrats last night:
Our nation’s families are struggling to fill up their gas tank and buy groceries on the same day because of inflation. Our businesses can’t find staff because the government is paying people not to work. Nancy Pelosi and radical Washington Democrat’s answer to these problems impacting everyday Americans is to spend more of our great grandchildren’s money. This will only make the problem worse.
The second bill pushed through by Pelosi and Washington Democrats blocked mandating that our military stay in Afghanistan until all American citizens have been evacuated and requiring a daily briefing to congress on the status of the evacuation operation. This is exactly what the Biden administration tried less than two weeks ago that led to this crisis. The Americans that are trapped behind enemy lines are living minute to minute and the Biden administration is conducting foreign policy on a 24 hour news cycle. This is the height of incompetence.
The President and Congress have a sacred duty to return every American citizen to our shores and a moral obligation to fulfill our promise to those who have helped us fight the Taliban. The Biden Administration and Democratic Congressional leadership is failing on both accounts.
This must end now. In 2022, the road to taking back the House and setting our country back on the right path starts in Western Wisconsin.
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