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Justin Giorgio
PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – Following last night’s joint address to Congress, Derrick Van Orden released the following statement on President Biden’s speech and the reckless, one-party vision he laid out for the United States.
“President Biden, Ron Kind, and Democrats in Washington have put bill after bill forward that doesn’t spend your taxpayer dollars, but rather your great-grandchildren’s. Our deficit continues to climb as Ron Kind and Democrats pushed the $1.9 trillion COVID “Relief” bill, of which only a fraction went to COVID relief. Now, they continue to pursue a $2.2 trillion infrastructure package (again, only a fraction toward infrastructure projects) and if the President has his way, that will only continue to climb and the government’s power will continue to grow. We were promised bipartisanship, but all we have seen from this President and Congress is textbook one-party rule, their way or the highway.
Why do these massive spending bills only send a fraction of the money to projects they’re named for? Because Democrats in Washington like Ron Kind are in it for personal power and their pet projects, not for the good of our nation.”
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