PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – Today’s visit by the US Trade Representative to the 3rd District highlights Rep. Ron Kind’s abysmal record on trade and standing up for Wisconsin farmers.
This visit, centered around farm policy, should remind constituents of the 3rd District that Kind held up the USMCA trade deal in Congress, causing more than 800 farms to close in the process. He did so because he caved to Nancy Pelosi, calling her the “gatekeeper,” a favor which she repaid in millions of dollars in campaign cash.
Previously, Kind voted for PNTR with China, a trade decision that has caused millions of American jobs to move overseas and given China increasing power in the American market.
Derrick Van Orden released the following statement in response to today’s visit:
“As he has done throughout his decades long career in Washington, career politician Ron Kind says one thing in district and does another in DC.
Kind says he supports farmers, but held up the USMCA for months leading to the closure of more than 800 farms.
Some of those were Century Farms meaning Ron Kind is responsible for destroying hundreds of years of Wisconsin Family Farm Pride. This is unacceptable.
Kind also voted to give China favored trade status which in return killed millions of American jobs.
During a roundtable I led, farmers shared with me the disastrous impacts that Biden administration policies are having on their business, policies that Kind fully supports. It’s past time for the people of the 3rd District to have a representative who actually works for our farming families, not just make empty promises for votes.”
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