PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, WI – Derrick Van Orden, Republican Candidate in Wisconsin’s 3rd District and former Navy SEAL responsible for writing Special Operations Contingency Plans in Europe, found President Biden’s address to the United Nations General Assembly this morning sorely lacking in a response to the diminished image of the United States following Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.
Derrick released the following statement in response to the President’s Speech:
The only way to describe President Biden’s speech to the UN is delusional and incomprehensible. Regardless of his empty statements, his incompetent handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal has led our NATO allies to lose confidence in the United States’ commitment to international security cooperation. His administration’s botched handing of international relationships has led to the lowest standing in diplomatic relations with France in over 50 years. He doubled down on the strategy that led to the killing of 10 innocent civilians in Afghanistan as if this is the future of counter terrorism operations while simultaneously saying the United States will depend on massive foreign aid to secure peace. This is nothing short of bribing bad actors and hostile regimes.
The world is less safe and our international alliances are weaker today than they were before Biden took office and no hollow statements to the contrary will change this. President Biden’s speech today, fell flat on the international community as it fell flat with the American people.
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