West Bend, WI – In a show of support for increased customer service to Wisconsinites seeking marriage licenses, Governor Evers signed Act 84 on November 5, 2021, which amends the current law to make certain the chain of records is maintained, ensures accurate information is utilized on marriage licenses, and allows the filing of a marriage license in any county.

“Washington County applauds the Governor for signing Act 84 into law and remains committed to offering all Wisconsin residents a seamless and straightforward process for all government service delivery,” said County Executive Josh Schoemann. “This new law would not have been possible without the efforts of our Register of Deeds Sharon Martin and County Clerk Ashley Reichert. I commend their commitment and dedication to this important service.”


“From the moment this marriage license legislation was brought forward, I knew just how beneficial this would be to our constituents, said Ashley Reichert, Washington County Clerk. “With any service that we offer, we should always strive to provide the most convenient and best customer service experience for those that we serve; this legislation does just that. I am proud to have been able to provide support from not only my office, but our county board for this extremely beneficial legislation and look forward to implementing this in July of 2022.”


Specific amendments to the current marriage license application law will include the following:

  • Allows parties, resident or nonresident, to obtain a marriage license in any county of the state;
  • Extends the validity of a marriage license from 30 days to 60 days;
  • Applicant only supplies Social Security Number if they have one;
  • Applicant can present a Real ID in lieu of a birth certificate;
  • If the documentary proof presented is not satisfactory, the county clerk will notify the applicant they have the right to request a judge to review the submitted material;
  • Reduces the waiting period for a marriage license from five days to three days;
  • Permits those in active military service of the United States the presence of only one competent adult witness, other than the officiant, to be listed on their marriage license.
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