(Waukesha, WI) – The Waukesha County Department of Parks and Land Use is pleased to have the City of Pewaukee join the Adopt-A-Drain program on World Water Day, March 22, 2021. Clean storm drains help improve water quality, prevent future flooding, and save taxpayers money.


“Our resident adopters help in a big way by volunteering to keep these storm drains clean and free from debris,” said County Executive Paul Farrow, “They help protect lakes, rivers and streams throughout the entire County.”


World Water Day highlights the importance of freshwater and ways to protect this vital resource. Residents that clean their adopted storm drains have a positive impact on their local waterways after just one cleaning.


“This is the perfect opportunity for someone looking to give back to the community. Less than one hour a month and you can have that feeling of knowing you helped your neighborhood, your community, and all the people downstream,” said City of Pewaukee Mayor Steve Bierce.


When “natural” debris collects in drains – such as leaves, soil, grass clippings, and fertilizer – they wash into the drain and become pollution in our lakes and streams. These pollutants can kill fish, close beaches, and increase weed and algae growth. All storm drain adopters will be provided a brief online training to be sure they remain safe while clearing their drain, as well as a safety vest and storm drain marker.


For more information on how to adopt a drain, visit: www.waukeshacounty.gov/AdoptADrain.

About the Department of Parks & Land Use
The Waukesha County Department of Parks and Land Use, working through a combination of collaboration, education and regulation is dedicated to fostering economic development, sound land use, and the protection, enhancement and enjoyment of the County’s natural resources and health of its citizens.

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