Alex Paniagua, Wisconsin Bankers Association
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Mike Semmann, Wisconsin Bankers Association
608-441-1206 |

  • The numbers illustrate that the economy is rebounding and becoming healthier.
  • Wisconsinites continue to save money as deposits have increased over the prior quarter (1.72%) and loan volume remains strong.
  • A decrease in noncurrent loans and leases compared to last quarter (11.44%) shows more people have returned to financial stability.
  • Banks continue to demonstrate their health through strong earnings and positive growth.

“The quarterly data illustrates the strong commitment the banking industry had and continues to have to help customers face the challenges of 2020. Banks assisted with deferring loans, getting access to government stimulus programs, and providing trusted advice. I am proud of how the industry has come together to make this possible.

Despite the challenges many face, noncurrent loans and leases decreased 11.44% from the previous quarter. As optimism continues to grow surrounding an end to the pandemic, Wisconsin exhibits resilience as the economy shows strong potential to rebound.”

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