WCA Services, Inc., in partnership with the Public Finance Authority (PFA), presented Transitional Living Center, a local homeless shelter in Racine County, with a donation to support its work providing families with temporary shelter and services. Also participating were State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester), Racine County Executive Jonathan Delagrave, both longtime supporters of Transitional Living Center, and others.

WCA Services Inc. President Mark D. O’Connell presented a donation to Transitional Living Center Executive Director, Cristen Chaffee.

“WCA Services, Inc. and the Public Finance Authority allow us to give to meaningful organizations like the Transitional Living Center, which is continuously dedicated to providing food, shelter, programs, and services to those in need,” said O’Connell. “I am proud to present this donation to Transitional Living Center and to be here with my good friends Speaker Vos and County Executive Delagrave as we support the dedicated work of those individuals who are selflessly serving our local communities.”

As the service corporation of the Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA), WCA Services, Inc. donates each year to organizations that provide programming and services to benefit the citizens and communities in Wisconsin.

“Since 1993, the Transitional Living Center has played a vital role in providing hope, services and a shelter for those experiencing homelessness,” said Speaker Vos. “As a longtime supporter of this organization, I know that this donation from WCA Services, Inc. will provide Transitional Living Center with additional resources to assist homeless individuals and help them get back on their feet.”

“Transitional Living Center works to ensure no one has to go without a safe and secure place to call home,” said Executive Delagrave. “I am pleased they are receiving WCA Services, Inc.’s donation that will help address homelessness here in Racine County and across our state.”

O’Connell concluded, “The Public Finance Authority was established by local governments, for local governments, in order to provide local governments and eligible private entities with access to low cost, tax exempt and other financing for projects that are important to the community with no risk to the taxpayer. This donation to Transitional Living Center is yet another way the Public Finance Authority is working to positively impact local causes that are important to our communities.”

In 2021 PFA will celebrate over 10 years assisting in financing public benefit projects that provide local economic development, create jobs, produce state and local tax base, and meet needs of eligible borrowers state or local issuing authorities may not be able to serve.

To learn more about WCA Services, Inc., visit http://www.wcasi.com.

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