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MILWAUKEE – Stephanie Bloomingdale, President of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO released the following statement on the inauguration of Joseph Biden as the 46th President of the United States:

“Under the Biden-Harris Administration, Wisconsin working men and women look ahead to good job creation, increased worker safety in the pandemic and beyond, and a worker first policy agenda to empower workers to create a stronger, more fair economy that works for all.

President-elect Biden has already begun the hard work of lifting up America’s working families with strong plans to combat and contain the coronavirus and get immediate relief to Americans struggling. Joe Biden’s economic plan includes lifesaving elements America’s labor movement has been fighting for since the summer including enhanced unemployment insurance, state and local government assistance, direct payments to individuals, COBRA subsidies, an eviction moratorium, expanded paid leave and a long overdue Occupational Safety and Health Administration emergency temporary standard for infectious disease.

Wisconsin union members voted in historic numbers for President Biden and Vice President Harris because we’re ready to work together to rebuild our American middle class with pro-worker policies and key investments in infrastructure and manufacturing.

With President Biden and a pro-labor majority in the U.S. Senate and House, America’s labor movement now has a once in a generation opportunity to work with legislators who have the courage and conviction to take on critical issues facing the American workplace. This will start with the PRO Act so workers who want to form a union can do so freely and fairly, and it includes workplace safety, voting rights, infrastructure investment, racial justice, pensions, paid family leave and more.

When we stand together and push for advancements in our country, we can truly make the difference working people need and deserve so that Americans can care for our families, make ends meet and begin a great effort to build back better so that our country after COVID-19 is a country where work is rewarded, the future is bright for our kids, and there’s liberty and justice for all.”

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